What is Yadukula?


Yadukula – The Eternal Loving Cultural Community.
It has always been the deepest desire of Srila Prabhupada, and  therefore, the same desire manifested in Srila Gurudev’s heart, that provisions should be made in order to provide the youngsters maximum possible exposure and association of this unfathomable Hare Krishna movement. They believed that Young India is a power in itself that has the potential to empower the entire country. A nations youth is the most important resource it has, as it is the backbone of the ideals of the nation, and the strongest medium to bring about a change. Hence, whosoever would be connected to this forum would connect himself with a change, and would simultaneously bring about a positive change in himself or herself.


HH Kratu Dasji Maharaj Guidance


HH Kratu Das ji Maharaj puts it very simply in stating the ‘Objectives’ of IYF-C2C.
He puts emphasis on the key words of ISKCON, ‘Love, Trust and Cooperation’ and says that the prime objective of IYF should also be to promote these three necessary traits. Apart from that, helping ISKCON, helping each other to gain bliss is one of the major objectives. “How youth can become peaceful, blissful and happy for their entire life, that should be the goal!” And to achieve this goal there is a need for personality development and character building, by making one’s life centred towards God. This can be achieved by dovetailing the talents of the youngsters in Krishna’s service.

Activities of Yadukula


The activities under Yadukula are-

  • Organise spiritual courses, classes for the youth based on the timeless teachings of Bhagwad Gita and Lord Sri Chaitanya.
  • Organising picnics, outings, youth camps and Braja Tours which would include cultural performances, games and other useful seminars.
  • Practical application of Krishna Consciousness in one’s life and spiritual elevation of all by participating in Bhakti Vriksha programmes and other spiritual discourses.
  • Outreach with the help of various activities like college preaching, Harinaam kirtans, programmes like ‘each one preach 11’, etc.


Which Activity I can Join?


IYF-C2C has been divided into different clubs for its smooth functioning.

  • Dance Club- Conducts classes and workshops of dance as a part of the ISKCON culture, i.e dancing for the lord, and further takes professional classical dance classes.
  • Music Club- Conducts classes and workshops to teach various instruments and also teach vocals.
  • Theatre Club- Conducts classes and workshops to enhance acting, script writing and directing skills.
  • Photography Club- Conducts classes and Seminars to enhance photography skills, using a range of cameras, from the most rudimentary, to the most advanced
  • Art Club- Conducts Classes and Workshops to teach and enhance skills used for making an event venue look beautiful, making several props used on stage and make up of stage artists.
Want to Join??

Haribol! Drop a mail at iyfc2c@gmail.com or reach out to HG Yadhuvanshi Prabhu at +919711550090

HH Kratu Das ji Maharaj’s only expectation and motive behind establishing IYF-C2C is to bring together all the youth who can dovetail their energies into the service of Krishna.

Recent Activities

Initiation’18 – Iskcon Vrindavan

This Year The initiation ceremony took place on the 10th November 2018, in the holy month of Kartik in Shri dham Vrindavan (iskcon vrindavan) in the presence of Shri Shri Radha Shyam Sunder, His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada and countless devotees...

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Yadukula Kirtan Mela – Shahdara

Just like the spiritual master awakens the dormant love in the hearts of the devotees, similarly, He awakens the love for Krishna in their living by installing life into deities. Another such life changing event occurred on the 26th January'18 where Sri Sri Nitai-...

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Shri Jagannath Rath Yatra – 2018

When the pangs of loving separation touch it's crest, even the Lord of the Universe become a puppet in the hands of His lovers. Becoming blind to all the impediments, He walks. Walks with such majesty and reverence, that the world comes out on the streets to become an...

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New Temple Opening in Aligarh

From Aligarh to ‘Hari’garh! From West Virginia to New Vrindavan; Lord Krishna has spread His causeless mercy through Srila Prabhupada in every part of His creation. Now, it was time for Aligarh to become Harigarh. Lord Sri Hari sent His representative, HH Kratu Das ji...

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Kirtan Mela – Mehrauli