The Ultimate Goal Of Life !!

Srila Prabhupada makes it very simple to understand, He says “If you serve dog, then the dog will love you. If you serve God, then God will love you.”
To attain the ultimate goal of life i.e to reawaken our pure love for Krishna, the technique is very simple, just serve Krishna. Better service than serving Krishna is to serve His dearmost thing.
Out of all the services, the topmost is to serve Krishna and higher than the service to Krishna is serving His dearmost.
There are 4 dearmost things to Krishna, they are – Tulsimaharani, Ganga- Yamuna, Granthraj Srimad Bhagavatam and devotees of the Lord and Vrindavan Dham.  So if we serve these, especially His devotees, Krishna becomes most pleased.
First and foremost thing we should  understand is that we have to serve these 4 and out of them, one must not miss serving the devotees of the Lord and Bhagavatam, person Bhagavad and devotee Bhagavad, very important, “Nityam Bhagavad Sevya “, we have to serve Bhagavatam and the devotees.
Also the direction changes as we advance, for a neophyte, it is prasadam. Dogs, cats, human beings, those who cannot understand much about Krishna Consciousness and cannot relate to Krishna Consciousness, then prasadam sewa. Prabhupada himself cooked feast for His disciples’ wedding parties, Sunday feasts and initiation. So this is the direction for the very very beginners.

With time if we can raise ourselves a little, then Holy name hearing, then Holy name chanting. Holy name is the second place, if somebody has advanced prasadam, then we can make the person hear Holy name or if he/she has advanced more, then we can make the person utter the Holy name.
Lord Chaitanya said that out of all the unlimited sadhana, the best is Navavidha Bhakti, “Shravanam, keertanam, vishnu smaranam, paada sevanam, archanam, vandanam, daasyam, sakhyam, aatma nivedanam” and out of 9, chanting the Holy name is the best kind of Bhakti. So Naam Sankirtan is the best and by taking the Holy name, without any offences to the Holy name, we can attain the pure love of Krishna.

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