IYF Center Inauguration

IYF Center Inauguration

IYF C2C, ISKCON youth forum connect to change, is a group of youngsters enthusiastically working under the prescribed instructions of Srila Prabhupada and HH Kratu Das Ji Maharaj to expand the empire of Krishna consciousness by propagating the message of Lord Chaitanya in the youth worldwide. They have been constantly engaged in regular preaching and devotional activities in various areas in New Delhi, NCR like Bhagwad Gita classes, Harinam in public areas, Kirtan mela, Braj tours, Youth Camps, Youth Picnics, and also in other fields like dance, music, theatre, etc to engage one and all.

Inspired by the enthusiasm and dedication of these youngsters one of the very new devotees in Keshav Puram decided to give their house as a centre to IYF-C2C. It was the heartiest desire of Lt. Sri Babu Ram Goel, father of HG Pradeep Prabhu who is a regular student in one of the preaching classes conducted in Keshav Puram by HG Yaduvanshi Das. He wanted his property to be used in the best possible spiritual way.

The members of IYF-C2C worked continuously for two days and nights to welcome this day of the auspicious inauguration and to welcome their very beloved inspiration HH Kratu Das Ji Maharaj. He graced the occasion with his kind presence amongst all. He was welcomed with ecstatic kirtan, flowers showering and a ritualistic arati performed by the young matajis. He enthused the whole environment by encouraging non-stop 2 hour kirtan followed by the ribbon cutting and an extremely motivational lecture for all. The centre seemed small with the amount of new and old youngsters it was occupied with.

HH Kratu Das Ji Maharaj made the centre officially working by announcing various activities which would conducted in it and giving the surcharge to HG Yaduvanshi Prabhu as the President and HG Brajwasi Prabhu as the Vice President. To encourage the already awe-inspired youth HH Kratu Das Ji Maharaj donated some of his valuable equipments essential for the working of the centre.

The ceremony was followed by serving of sumptuous prasadam cooked by the family of these Youth members of Keshav Puram. It was surely a memorable and proud moment for Srila Prabhupada’s army and ISKCON. IYF C2C aims at materialising, actually spiritualising Srila Prabhupada’s words who said that every house should be a temple and seeks blessings to open more such centres in various areas in New Delhi.

All Glories to Srila Prabhupada and His army!

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