Why should I go to temple?

Why should I go to temple?

Why go to temple when I’ve deities at home, I can worship at home? Why go to pub? Bottle is at home, wine is at home, everything at home, cheaper at home, everything at home, why go to pub? Why? Because there we have association of other drunkards and we would learn more about drinking, this is Johnny walker, this is black, this is tasty, this is not tasty, this gives more hangover, this gives less hangover, this makes you throw, this makes you leave. Association isn’t it? You go there for association, association with other drunkards and talk nonsense, today PM is this, today queen is this, weather is this, blah blah. Why go to pub?

So, temple you go for association and you want to talk, Krishna Krishna, hare Krishna, you want to hear rock and roll, you want to hear kirtan and katha. You hear, hear and associate so temple is the club house where you associate with other devotees, with other like minded people, where you enjoy. Why do you go to club? Nacchna, Gaana aur Khaana so why go to hare Krishna temple? Nachna, gaana aur khaana, sumptuous feast or at least khichdi you will get if nothing, there is no question. If suppose in the manor, you’re the only one going so who will go to from his home to manor everyday. Suppose if only you go to manor everyday, only you, it’s a temple, same deity, same kitchen, 70 acres but only you. You go there and nobody else is there. Who will go? If pub is there and no other drunks, which drunkard will go there, will you go? Why go to temple? Because you get to associate with other devotees, this is the main reason to go to temple. Then subsidiary reasons are that you get to have prasadam, you get to have darshan, you get to serve devotees, you get to see some deities, you hear kirtan katha, so many reasons but main reason is to associate with other devotees. Music is there, khaana is there, everything is there but nobody is there for whole year. Will you go? The main reason is you get to associate with like minded people, devotees. It is a vaisanava club, Srila Prabhupada said that I’ve created ISKCON for association so that vaisanava can associate with other vaisanava, that’s the purpose of going to temple. You cannot have devotees at your home, you can have but few times in an year so that’s why you go to temple.


So, when you go to temple the most important activity one should do is serve, pick up a straw, scrub something, mop something or cook, clean, serve devotees especially, serve devotees, serve Krishna. One should go there for serving if you serve then your love for Krishna will awaken. Just like if you serve your dog then your dog will love you, dog loves you. Similarly if you can serve God, God will love you, serve devotees and devotees will love you. So love that’s what we want, love of Krishna, love of devotees, lots and lots of love, lots and lots of service. So, service reawakens your love. Mother serves the child, feeds, changes diaper, bathe so then child loves the mother but if the same child is in India and nani is serving for 5 years then child will love the mother or nani?

Nani. Why? Because nani is serving so same thing you go to temple to serve Krishna and Krishna will love, serve devotees and devotees will love you. So, why go to temple? To serve, to associate with devotees, this is the main idea.