Tarang Festival

IYF C2C organised its first ever only Boys festival ‘TARANG’.
In an anticipation to have deep association of each other, IYF C2C organised its only boys festival Tarang. This festival saw a confluence of large number of new enthusiasts along with the experienced devotees. Not only was it a different experience for these new boys who were eagerly looking forward for some spiritual healing but also gave a new taste to the existent devotees.
IYF C2C was honored with the presence of HG Patri Prabhu from ISKCON Nepal, who is an ardent preacher and inspirer of Krishna consciousness. He shared with everyone the ‘Password of Happiness’ through interactive seminars and served everyone with some food for thought. The festival was ornamented with an exceptional mime play which gave way to yet another series of take away questions for all. The festival finished with extremely stunning performance by our Rock band and some delicious prasadam.