How to live with Karmis and stay Krishna Conscious

How to live with Karmis and stay Krishna Conscious

Because you’re living with Karmis who are not Krishna Conscious you will have to elevate yourself very high, which is not easy but if you can do it then bliss is waiting for you, if you cannot do it then anxiety is waiting for you.
So what is this elevating yourself? It is that everytime you will have to remember that I’m dealing with a person who is not Krishna Conscious so you’ve to keep forgiving him, you’ve to wheel and deal, I’ll do this, you do this karmic activity so I’ll do this. So it is okay wheeling and dealing like that. It is an art, everything is an art to deal with Karmis, you can even play with the material energy, lust, anger, greed, the things which are coming from Karmi side and then you can wheel and deal with it very nicely. It’s an art but if your consciousness is very high then it doesn’t matter dealing with karmis, gyaanis, yogis or demons or anybody and anything. You can deal with them properly if your Krishna consciousness is very high.

I’ll give you an example. In India there were 3 very well known sages, devotees rather, vaisanavas and it’s a true story. One is Narsi, one is Tukaram, one is Gyaandev, very nice vaisanavas. So Gyaandev and his wife was very favourable to Krishna Consciousness so he prayed to Krishna that Krishna you’re so kind to me that you’ve given me such a nice wife so I can practice Krishna Consciousness but Tukaram had an opposite wife, his wife was a total karmi, materialist. Tukaram’s house was at the end of the street, facing towards the street so when you walk on the street you can see everything. Tukaram brought many sugarcane and he was carrying and small young children they like sugarcane and they were asking Tukaram for it. Tukaram was so Krishna Conscious that he would see Krishna in small children. Oh Krishna is asking for some sugarcane, please take it, please take it, please take it. His wife was seeing this scene that he is distributing all the sugarcane so last sugarcane was left and he entered and his wife took that sugarcane and beated him so much, you’re a rascal gave away so many sugarcanes. Tukaram immediately started praying to Krishna, ‘You’re so kind to me that you’ve given me such a wife that I can remember you every minute. If I’d a nice wife then may be I would have fell into maya, her love so you’re so kind Krishna, you’ve given me such a wife’. Then there was Narsi Mehta, when his wife died he didn’t care much, right or wrong, happy or distress or this that. My wife has died now whatever Krishna likes He did-

Balu Thaayu Bhaagi janjaal Sukhe Smarsu SriGopal

It is alright that she has now died so we will happily chant hare Krishna and worship Krishna and it is okay if she died, if she was alive then it was also okay, neutral and firm.

Like that we have to elevate our consciousness while dealing with the Karmis and we have to manipulate this material energy coming from them and play with it as much as possible. You can spiritualize or wheel and deal with the person, so many ways you can but not to leave Consciousness. Why? Because this maybe the only chance in human form of life and then again you will have to go to whirlpool, again and again and again cycle of birth, death, old age and disease and who knows we may forget Krishna. So we have got this chance so we must become top level Krishna Conscious devotee, we must not forget that this is the only chance we may have.