Become a Prasaditarian !!

Become a Prasaditarian !!

You are what you eat..
Suppose we don’t eat anything for 1 month, what will happen? Our body will shrink and probably die also, so our body is made up of what we eat.
The dearmost thing to us is our body and we put garbage in it. Is it a good idea? No, there is a natural fuel for the body. First we can say vegetarian but before vegetarian, we should only eat Krishna prasadam, in the human form of life. We should only eat food offered to Krishna. Why? Because Krishna says He has made a cycle –
” annad bhavanti bhutani
parjanyad anna-sambhavah
yajnad bhavati parjanyo
yajnah karma-samudbhavah “
By yagya, rain comes, from rain grain, from grain life and if we are alive, we can perform yagya and from yagya rain, this is the cycle. So we are supposed to perform the yagya, means offering to Krishna but we break that cycle. Because we break the cycle, Krishna says that the person is a thief, why? Because Krishna is the one who gives rain, when we perform yagya- “Hare Krishna , Hare Krishna , Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare. Hare Rama, Hare Rama , Rama Rama, Hare Hare”. And when rain comes, then grains come but that grain is supposed to be offered in the yagya but we just consume it, without offering to Krishna. That means we are breaking the cycle.
So it is Krishna who gives this and without giving it to Krishna, we swallow it, then Krishna says that we are a thief. If the food is not offered to Krishna, then invariably we are eating the sins, that means we are very sinful.
It is Krishna’s and we should offer Him back and then He gives us in the form of prasadam and by that prasadam, we can purify our body. A body’s natural food in the human form of life is Krishna Prasadam, we should be Prasaditarian, not just vegetarian. One relieves himself from all sinful reactions by offering food to Krishna first and then taking the prasadam.┬áThose who cook for their belly, they are invariably eating sins.
Our body, consciousness, intelligence and mind become polluted by eating polluted food. Whatever we eat, that kind of consciousness we will attain.