New Temple Opening in Aligarh

New Temple Opening in Aligarh

From Aligarh to ‘Hari’garh!

From West Virginia to New Vrindavan; Lord Krishna has spread His causeless mercy through Srila Prabhupada in every part of His creation. Now, it was time for Aligarh to become Harigarh.

Lord Sri Hari sent His representative, HH Kratu Das ji Das Ji Maharaj to carry out this most auspicious task and materialize or better so spiritualise the words of Lord Chaitanya and Srila Prabhupada who prophesied the existence of Krishna’s temple with the echoes of Harinaam in every town and village of the world.

Dayalu-Shyam also decided to make another elevated soul a part of these divine arrangements by making him the medium through which ISKCON got the land for the construction of its temple. This divine personality is, Dr. Varshney who had a deep desire just like Srila Prabhupada to make this temple a centre of Vedic education, especially Bhagwad-Gita, for all, hence giving the temple its name ‘Gita Gyan Mandir’.

After the Bhumi Pujan on 13th November, 2015 in the presence of HH Gopal Krishna Goswami Maharaj, HH Navyogendra Swami Maharaj and HH Kratu Das ji Das ji Maharaj Himself, the temple saw its opening in its first phase on 30th November, 2017. The preparations for this day had begun almost a year ago when HH Kratu Das ji Maharaj had fixed the date for this divine occasion to take place on the most auspicious day of Mokshda Ekadashi, Sri Gita Jayanti. As planned by HH Kratu Das ji Das ji Maharaj and His disciples, the day witnessed an attendance of almost 10, 000 devotees from Aligarh, Delhi and Vrindavan. A Gita yajna set up in 13 Yajna sthalis was performed with the recitation of all shlokas of Sri Bhagwad Gita by Gurukul students from ISKCON Vrindavan. The most awaited installation of the deity of His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada followed by Sri Krishna and Arjuna in their one- of- a- kind rare darshan took place in the temple hall. There was a 12 hour kirtan performed by HH Kratu Das ji Das ji Maharaj’s disciples and many other visiting devotees in the temple hall.  A Bhagwad Gita katha by Maharaj’s disciples on the entire Bhagwad Gita was steady in the lawns followed by some beautiful cultural performances by Maharaj’s youth club, IYF C2C.

This day became more glorious with the presence of two more disciples of Srila Prabhupada- HH Deena Bandhu prabhu and HG Dadhi Bhaksha prabhu . Some other great personalities like HH Bhaktianugraha Janardana Swami Maharaj from Vrindavan, HG Mohan Rupa prabhu- President of ISKCON New Delhi, HG Krishna Bhakta prabhu- President of ISKCON Noida also graced this event.

Continuous ekadashi prasadam was served the entire day to all the devotees visiting the temple.  __ commented “The programme was very well organized and managed”. Another devotee from Peru who was attending the programme also added that the arrangements were fulfilling and the prasadam was delicious. He also commented that he has never had such beautiful darshan of Krishna Arjuna.

It was a joyous day for HG Rasraj prabhu, the president of ISKCON Aligarh who had been working very hard for years to make this event a grand success.



Good Community

Good Community

Good community means solid goal and a solid leader. Goal is not to make gold, money, a comfortable life or honey. Nothing else than Krsna, that is the goal. We have our common leader and our leader is Krsna, our leader is Prabhupada, and then people stop at Prabhupada, but there has to be someone after Prabhupada, the vartamana Acharya. So, Prabhupada is our hero but we need vartamana hero who can walk with us, talk with us, lead us, guide us, we need that hero.

So, good community means common, topmost goal called Krsna consciousness and we have everything common and everybody has to stick to common thing. Not that, “I think, you think, my way, your way or highway,” it should be like an army. We all have a common goal, ‘Pure Love of Krsna’. We have a common leader, Krsna and also present leader and everbody should love, cooperate and trust that leader and become like one unit, army. If individuals are not cooperating, they don’t have a common leader and if they want to conquer, then it is impossible.

This is the idea of a good community – love, trust and cooperation. Intense love amongst one another. The definition of inhabitants of Golok Vrindavan is that they love other inhabitants of Golok Vrindavan more than themselves and then they cooperate with one another. They are of the same age, same beauty, same features and their goal is same, Krsna, serve Krsna and please Krsna.

A community means cooperation, community means love, community means trust and community means that we have to produce a culture, not a different culture, ‘Krsna Conscious culture’. Cultural aspect of a community is very important and we have a culture, Krsna conscious culture- vedic culture, Mahabharata culture, that is our culture. We are going from ‘no culture’ to a very ‘refined, defined, strict culture’, for that reason we should be very determined, focussed, target ourselves and follow the leader strictly, no matter what around us is happening. We have to be very serious and sincere to establish a vedic community.

We have to leave aside our previous conception of community and get into spiritual community. Past culture, past life, past conception, everything past, we must put into the garbage and start the vedic society culture. Vedic way of living is a very serious matter and with that a nice community can happen. How we can develop unity in ourselves? Sakhis love others more than themselves, so we should come to that standard and love others more than ourselves. We should give more than we take and that will build good unity, we should serve more than we get served. Lord Chaitanya said:

Trnad Api Sunicena
Taror Iva Sahishnuna
Amanina Manadena
Kirtaniya sada Hari

Lord Chaitanya, Prabhupada and all the previous acharyas have given us the perfect formula, perfect scriptures, perfect mood, their example of living. How Six Goswamis were living, we don’t see only one Goswami. Sanatana Goswami was a leader himself, he was the prime minister of most of the parts of India, he could have been a leader by himself but we don’t see only his picture. Srila Roop Goswami was a leader himself and so was Jeev Goswami, he was the most learned scholar, whole shat Goswamis and more had love, trust and cooperation. Lord Sri Krsna Chaitanya, the Supreme Personality Of Godhead, he could have been the leader himself, he could have built everything around him, no, Nityananda Prabhu, Gadhadhar Pandit, Srivasa Thakur, Advaita Acharya and many more. Srila Prabhupada, GBC, 30 of them that is unity. When we come to build a community then we have to be together. Srila Prabhuapada says, “Community with 1 stick and you can break it easily, but a bundle of sticks made up of love, trust and cooperation makes a solid community. “So, we should be fixed and love, trust and cooperate with one another and give more than what we get. Then everything will become so nice and everyone would like to come and live with us even though we may have poverty line, simplicity line very below than outside level of living but people would like to come and live with us. But, if we fight like cats and dogs then who will live with us, people are doing that outside anyway and they will never come. Lord Chaitanya emphasised serving devotees. He said, “ Jiveer Daya, Namer Ruci, vaisanava Sewa,” serving devotes, by that we can develop unity.

Iskcon Aligarh Bhumi Pujan

With a pure desire in their heart to spread Lord Sri Chaitanya’s message to one and all, Aligarh devotees worked day in and day out on the land donated by Dr. Maheshwar Pratap Varshney.

Dr. Varshney, an ardent follower of the Bhagwad Gita, donated 4 acres of land to ISKCON because he had firm faith on ISKCON for spreading Lord Sri Hari’s ‘Gita’, Bhagwad Gita.

The devotees worked very hard and finally saw the very eventful day of ‘Ground Breaking Ceremony’ on 13th November’2015 in the auspicious presence of HH Gopal Krishna Goswami Maharaj, HH Navyogendra Swami Maharaj, HG Devakinandan Das and HH Kratu Maharaj himself.

The preparations started for the event started three days before it where the members of IYF-C2C distributed invitations in all parts of Aligarh by performing Nagar Kirtan’s in various places, markets and localities. A beautiful house programme was also organised by Mr. Kalyan Singh, who happens to be the Governor Rajasthan and Himachal pradesh. The previous night of the programme, disciples of HH Kratu Maharaj themselves dug the land for Lord Ananta Shesha to rest in it.

The next morning began with enlivening kirtan and dance performances by the members of IYF-C2C. The yagya began in the presence of HH Kratu Maharaj, his wife HG Amrita Keli Dasi and the senior disciples of HH Kratu Maharaj.
The presence of HH Navyogendra Swami Maharaj, HH Gopal Krishna Goswami Maharaj and HG Devakinandan Das made the whole environment divine who then installed Ananta Shesha in the ground followed by gau daan.

All the divine personalities including Dr. Varshney and Mr Kalyan Singh expressed their feelings about the temple and ISKCON’s philosophy which encouraged a large number of people to give some amount of their earnings to the temple.

A sumptuous prasadam and Vaishnava songs by the youngsters winded up the day in absolute bliss and satisfaction.