Our Foremost Problem

Our Foremost Problem

Yoga must be practiced with strong determination and without deviation. Two things are required in order to achieve success in Bhakti Yoga: ‘निश्चय’, strong determination and निर्वीन चेतस:, without deviation.

Utsaahat nischyaaat dhairyaata tatatakarmapravartanaat sang tyaagat sato vrtte shadbhir bhakti prasidhyati’

In order to achieve desired success and the goal of life which is Krishna Bhakti, Krishna Prem, one must have ‘utsaah, great enthusiasm. One can become enthusiastic by thinking, “How I’m going to be benefitted by what I’m doing.”

All the students go to college and do M.A, B.A, PH.D, MCA, CA, BCA for 2 things. They seek great pleasure in 2 things : Honey and Money, they want good wife, good husband and they want good life. So, for 25 years they work hard for education, otherwise, suppose there is no honey and no money after education who will go through education for 25 years? Nobody, will go. They want 2 things and for that 25 years they will wake up early in the morning, 4’ O clock, study hard and they will be in constant pressure and depression that I’ve to give this exam, everyday there’s an  exam. In western world it is not that much pressure but in India, high school is tough, so much pressure and so much competition. So, 25 years they keep so much enthusiasm to study, study, study for their goal. They find pleasure, they derive pleasure in honey and money, the whole point is honey and money. A grahastha wants to become grahastha because he thinks, “If I get honey and money, then I’ll be blissed out, I’ll be very happy.” So they work hard, do business, job for 10,12,16 hours a day, they are enthusiastic because of honey and money. So, how much pleasure this honey and money gives to a living entity? Not much, if it was giving pleasure then there wouldn’t have been a question of divorce because there would be constant pleasure, but I’ve seen 50% divorce rate. People are becoming enthusiastic for चपल सुख, flickering happiness.

We have eternal relationship, eternal pleasure, eternal service, eternal love, everlasting and for that also we have to do the same thing as they are doing. We have to become very enthusiastic and with enthusiasm we have to have strong determination without deviation. We have to fix the target that there’s no deviation. Deviation means that I put my target, my goal, my life, mission statement aside and do other things and then I’ll comeback to do it again. When you’re deviated, that little deviation as you go further will become a wide gap. It may look small initially, but gradually, we will be lost totally. We think temporarily let me do this and then I’ll come back again to bhakti but we will never be able to come back.

Why? Because when you give maya a little, maya will hold your hand and will grab you. You will forget about your goal and you will be in deep dark ignorance and from there, it is very difficult to comeback to light, it’s like going in a cave in 1 direction which is 1000 miles big, so you’re just walking and walking thinking that I’ll come back to light, I’ll come back to bhakti yoga. That’s why nishchen and nirveena chetasah, no deviation. Let me give one life to Krishna, hell with everything else, anything going to deviate me, “I don’t want that”. Anything that comes in the way to Krishna, just push it aside, keep going in that direction. Sa nishcheyena nirveen chetasaha, no big intelligence, no big scriptures, no advices are needed, just no deviation and strong determination. It looks like an impossible task to execute devotional service and at the end attain Krishna Prem but it is not difficult, it is very very easy and blissful for the person who is very simple, fixed, not deviating and has strong determination and is very enthusiastic, for him it’s a very very blissful process. But, we make it difficult by not fixing ourselves and having strong determination. If we fix ourselves, become humble and become servants  of servants of servants of Krishna and unite on a principle of devotional service with strong determination and without any deviation with full enthusiasm, we can make our lives most enjoyable. The biggest problem is that we don’t find any fault in us, we think, “I’m the purest form of devotee, Bhakta. I’m very important, successful, pure and I don’t have to listen to anybody. I don’t want to accept any kind of authority and we don’t accept our own authority. Once upon a time, we decided, ‘ Devotional Service and nothing else’, and then over a period of time so many unwanted desires sprung up and we are entertaining those desires and left the main desire, giving it a 3rd class priority.” Problem is not with anybody else, problem is with us, that’s our first and foremost problem. Strong determination, but determination is watered down and no deviation, we had that resolution but now we will deviate left and right. We have to constantly self examine ourselves, constant self examination and we should always put ourselves constantly ‘back on track’, but we constantly put ourselves ‘back off track’. Back off track means always deviating, “this will make me happy, that will make me happy Let me do this much only then I’ll be back on track,” this is not nirveen chetasah, it is a big problem in executing devotional service and taking our boat across material ocean.