How to deal with Envy ?

How to deal with Envy ?

One thing we have to get rid of is envy.

“Kama krishna-karam-arpane,
krodha bhaktadvesijane”
If somebody is envious of Krishna or His devotees, then we can exhibit anger. We can use our anger like Hanuman, who set Lanka on fire. Arjuna, who fought on the whole battlefield of Kurukshetra, with anger.

“Lobha sadhusange harikatha.”
Engaging our greediness to hear about Krishna, to hear about His holyname, to chant. We can dovetail all these things but envy we cannot, we have to get rid of it.
Unless we get rid of our envy, no entry into the spiritual world because that is the root cause of going there. We became envious of Krishna so we have to get rid of envy, we cannot dovetail envy into Krsna Consciousness.

By going to a person whom we are envious of and by learning from that person of all what we are envious of. As for example, we saw somebody’s BMW or Rolls Royce and we became envious of him.

Srila Rupa Goswami defines envy in Ujjvala Nilamani as to become asahishnu, by looking at other people’s good thing, you become intolerant. So you go to that person and learn from him that how he became successful to have a Rolls Royce and you learn from him, you submit to him. That’s how you can get rid of envy by going to the same person you are envious of, you have to go to him.

Just like there is a story in Puranas.  Narada Muni, he is a Gandharva and Tumbaru is also a Gandharva.  Narada Muni and Tumbaru go to Vishnu, Narayana in Vaikuntha and they both played their vina, their instruments like a competition.
Who is the best? So, Lord said Tumbaru is better and Narada became very envious, “I’m a devotee, I’ve so much devotion to my Lord Vishnu, Narayana,” and he became very envious. So how to get rid of envy?
He went back to Narayana and said, “You go to Tumbaru and you learn the art of playing vina from Tumbaru and that’s the only way you can get rid of your envy.” So, Narada Muni went to Tumbaru, became submissive and made him his master. “Please teach me how to play vina.” He learnt from him and then both went to Narayana and this time Narayana said, “Oh! Narada Muni is the best.”

That’s how we can get rid of envy, if you’re intolerant of good qualities of others, so you should go to that devotee, pray to Prabhupada that please help me develop this quality, Krishna would like it.

 Prabhupada says, “Imitation of a good thing is good.” So if somebody has a good quality and you imitate and learn it, you develop that good quality but if you say, “He has a good quality,” and you become envious of him, you beat him, you look down upon him, then that is bad. If you try to develop his good qualities then that is good, that is not envy.

Envy means ahasahisnu, to become intolerant and to burn yourself, jealousy, become jealous because he has a Rolls Royce, you become jealous of him and you try to kill him because you don’t have, that is envy. But if you don’t  have a good quality but you try to build up that good quality, then that is good, not intolerant. You are tolerating and you are raising yourself to that standard so that’s what Narada Muni did, he raised himself to Tumbaru’s standard or even beyond him.