Disha Festival – 2016

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It was a festival in the true sense! Very many beautiful colours, dance performances, dramas, music, food and absolutely unlimited bliss. IYF C2C’s first only girls Festival- Disha’16 was a complete success because of the beautiful smiling faces its welcomed. Girls independent from the rest of the world but lovingly dependent on each other, put across a beautiful show. There were ecstatic kirtans, classical dance performances, a hilarious drama on the topic ‘Why do Bad things happen to good people’. A presentation on ‘The password to happiness’ made many Young minds think. It was followed by a flash mob and a pantomime show called ‘Me and my mind’. Lastly, the festival impressioned the audience with its rock show and a beautiful Vedic Fashion show where Young vaishnavis showcased beautiful traditional outfits.
The festival wrapped up with a huge gathering of girls at their favourite counter of ‘Gol gappa’s’ along with other delicious items of prasadam.
All glories to the young Vaishnavis!