Good Community

Good Community

Good community means solid goal and a solid leader. Goal is not to make gold, money, a comfortable life or honey. Nothing else than Krsna, that is the goal. We have our common leader and our leader is Krsna, our leader is Prabhupada, and then people stop at Prabhupada, but there has to be someone after Prabhupada, the vartamana Acharya. So, Prabhupada is our hero but we need vartamana hero who can walk with us, talk with us, lead us, guide us, we need that hero.

So, good community means common, topmost goal called Krsna consciousness and we have everything common and everybody has to stick to common thing. Not that, “I think, you think, my way, your way or highway,” it should be like an army. We all have a common goal, ‘Pure Love of Krsna’. We have a common leader, Krsna and also present leader and everbody should love, cooperate and trust that leader and become like one unit, army. If individuals are not cooperating, they don’t have a common leader and if they want to conquer, then it is impossible.

This is the idea of a good community – love, trust and cooperation. Intense love amongst one another. The definition of inhabitants of Golok Vrindavan is that they love other inhabitants of Golok Vrindavan more than themselves and then they cooperate with one another. They are of the same age, same beauty, same features and their goal is same, Krsna, serve Krsna and please Krsna.

A community means cooperation, community means love, community means trust and community means that we have to produce a culture, not a different culture, ‘Krsna Conscious culture’. Cultural aspect of a community is very important and we have a culture, Krsna conscious culture- vedic culture, Mahabharata culture, that is our culture. We are going from ‘no culture’ to a very ‘refined, defined, strict culture’, for that reason we should be very determined, focussed, target ourselves and follow the leader strictly, no matter what around us is happening. We have to be very serious and sincere to establish a vedic community.

We have to leave aside our previous conception of community and get into spiritual community. Past culture, past life, past conception, everything past, we must put into the garbage and start the vedic society culture. Vedic way of living is a very serious matter and with that a nice community can happen. How we can develop unity in ourselves? Sakhis love others more than themselves, so we should come to that standard and love others more than ourselves. We should give more than we take and that will build good unity, we should serve more than we get served. Lord Chaitanya said:

Trnad Api Sunicena
Taror Iva Sahishnuna
Amanina Manadena
Kirtaniya sada Hari

Lord Chaitanya, Prabhupada and all the previous acharyas have given us the perfect formula, perfect scriptures, perfect mood, their example of living. How Six Goswamis were living, we don’t see only one Goswami. Sanatana Goswami was a leader himself, he was the prime minister of most of the parts of India, he could have been a leader by himself but we don’t see only his picture. Srila Roop Goswami was a leader himself and so was Jeev Goswami, he was the most learned scholar, whole shat Goswamis and more had love, trust and cooperation. Lord Sri Krsna Chaitanya, the Supreme Personality Of Godhead, he could have been the leader himself, he could have built everything around him, no, Nityananda Prabhu, Gadhadhar Pandit, Srivasa Thakur, Advaita Acharya and many more. Srila Prabhupada, GBC, 30 of them that is unity. When we come to build a community then we have to be together. Srila Prabhuapada says, “Community with 1 stick and you can break it easily, but a bundle of sticks made up of love, trust and cooperation makes a solid community. “So, we should be fixed and love, trust and cooperate with one another and give more than what we get. Then everything will become so nice and everyone would like to come and live with us even though we may have poverty line, simplicity line very below than outside level of living but people would like to come and live with us. But, if we fight like cats and dogs then who will live with us, people are doing that outside anyway and they will never come. Lord Chaitanya emphasised serving devotees. He said, “ Jiveer Daya, Namer Ruci, vaisanava Sewa,” serving devotes, by that we can develop unity.