Real way to get rid of our pride

Real way to get rid of our pride

So best way is to think that “I am not this material body and that I am spirit soul and me, spirit soul, wants to serve Krishna. ”
So diffuse your false ego, that diffusion is into “Jiwera Swaroop Hoye Krsnera Nitya Dasa”. That I am an insignificant, small ,little living entity who is part and parcel of Krishna. And because I am part and parcel of Krishna, it is my eternal dharma, duty to serve Him.
If we always think ourself as an eternal servant of Krishna, then there is no false ego. Anything and everything you have, you connect it back to Krishna, then there is no question of false ego.

Srila Prabhuapada says that whatever we create, it is meant for our happiness and  pleasure. We create money, it is meant for our pleasure. We create house, meant for our pleasure.
Similarly, Krishna created everything, animate and inanimate, it belongs to Krishna because it is created by Him and all the things are meant to give Him pleasure because it is created by Him. So everything, including us and including ours.
Krishna is Janmady asya yatah, He has created everything.
Why has He created everything? For His pleasure. Just like we create anything, meant for our pleasure. Then why not whatever He has created, is meant for His pleasure?
So everything, me and mine, is meant for Krishna’s pleasure. No question of pride.
False ego, pride means that I have something and I am proud of my penny but I have no penny, it doesn’t belong to me.
Any penny doesn’t belong to me.
So if we transform mine into His and I also belong to Him and I meant to serve Him, I meant to give Him pleasure. And whatever I have separated from Him and made it mine, also I use that back into His service. No question of pride.
Everything is diffused, it is His, anything, but we make it mine. We also belong to Him because He created us.
So when we transcend our consciousness from mine to His, pride is gone. No pride.
” Trinadapi Suneechena , Tarorapi Sahishnuna, Amanina Manadena Kirtaniyah Sada Hari”. You become more tolerant than a tree and think oneself more lower than straw in a street and always ready to give respect to others and never expect any kind of respect for ourselves.
Under such a humble state of mind, if one can chant the Holyname constantly, then that diffuses our false ego. No false ego.
Rupa Sanatan Goswami would have any false ego, it is inconsiderable because they were meek and humble and everything for the Lord, everything, every second is for the Lord. Everything that they possessed is for the Lord, though they didn’t possess much, but still mind, body, words, belonged to Krishna, they consigned that to Krishna. So no question of pride. This is super consciousness, topmost consciousness.