There is no difficulty in Brahmachari life if you have staunch faith in the process, in Bhakti, in association of devotees, in serving Lord, serving Guru and serving Sadhus. Srila Prabhupada says that if you can do your laundry and he said that if you can control urges of sex then there is no difficulty. So, we have to become firmly fixed in Krishna Consciousness, ‘no matter what this is my decision today and I’m going to stick to it and I want to remain in Brahmacharya Ashram and that’s my life and I’m not going to budge’. Utsaahat nischyaaat dhairyaata, strong determination like Bhishma deva, he took a strong vow with strong determination. He vowed that he’ll remain brahmachari throughout his life, bhishma pratigya. ‘Bhishma’ means with strong determination you take a vow. So, first you need to fix your mind totally thinking that I want to practice celibacy just for one life, in other life whatsoever happens but this life I want to practice celibacy, and then you will negate the association of two things, that is, women and money, honey and money. You’ve to refrain from them quite a bit then it will be very easy but if you mingle with these two things then definitely, a brahmachari will have to get into Grahasta ashram, so it is the determination, strong determination and refraining from two things then it is very easy. You save so much headache to yourself. So much headache, wife’s burden then, jobs, earning and then children and children’s education and marrying children. Any cat and dog does all these activities. What is different in human beings? In Krishna Consciousness, even the grahastas are celibate, they use their sexual activities for procreating Krishna Conscious children only, it is also brahmacharya. If somebody is intelligent then that person will never get into married life but because they cannot control the sex urge, the next best alternative is to have a spiritual marriage, married life with a Krishna Conscious wife. When you wear saffron then you declare war against maya rightaway, so, we have to have strong determination.