No matter wherever you are, that place will influence you. Suppose you are in a brothel or a slaughter house, they are shooting cows and cutting cows, certainly the place will influence you, it is in mode of ignorance. And suppose you are in a very solitary place and nice temple, nice people around you, who are devotees sitting down and chanting blissfully and people asking you ‘How can I serve you’ and not ‘How can I kill you’, so the place will influence you. So that is why the best place to chant is in your temple room and in midst of devotees, in association with the devotees. That’s the best if you can do. And while chanting, you have to give your mind, your intelligence and all your energy to chanting.

If you are sacrificing, you are giving to Holy Name, then your consciousness will become crystal clear, “ceto- darpana – marjanam”. Your heart will be cleansed. Like Rupa Goswami says in “Nectar of Instruction”- During jaundice even if the medicine is sugar candy you would feel sugar candy is bitter but that’s a medicine. First it will be bitter because your saliva in your tongue is coated with the saliva which has developed that kind of anti-functional problem because of the disease so it will taste bitter. The sugar candy by nature is very sweet, so as you take sugar candy medicine, the saliva becomes normal and that very sugar candy will become sweeter and sweeter and sweeter every day. We have to pass the hurdle, same thing here that you have to give all your energy into chanting, your mind, your intelligence, and your potency, everything you have to give it to the Holy Name, for that much amount of time, if not more. Then that’s the best chanting and that’s the best place where you chant. Now you have to concentrate and give your energy, but you are driving or cooking or you are watching TV or doing some other activity, thinking that I am chanting, reading and chanting, looking at website and chanting or any other thing. That means chanting is subsidiary and the other activity is the main thing because that is more alluring than chanting, more attractive than chanting.

So service while listening, how can you cook or serve or do anything else. Suppose you are listening to me, you are supposed to listen but you are chanting. You are not listening to your chanting, you are listening to me. You do one or another, not both, you can’t do both. So that’s why one must give topmost priority to chanting.