Actually, with children it is very easy because they are children, their minds are fresh, they are not so much conditioned, they have not so many bad habits. Just like Prabhupada says, “If the tree is in beginning stage, you can bend it the way you like, you can maneuver,” so, children at tender age will do whatever you will ask them to do so, especially, children are dependent on the consciousness of their father and their mother. Whatever their father and mother will teach them, they will pick it up, it is very easy but as they grow to their teens then it’s difficult, very difficult because they have their own thinking, their own way of doing things. You can give them Krsna Conscious games, Krsna Conscious movies to watch, Krsna Conscious stories for bed time and when you want to make them sleep, sing them hare Krsna mantra and so many ways you can maneuver but we have to give them Krsna Consciousness but mostly parents don’t give, that’s the problem.