Srila Prabhupada says “My temples are non-different from Vrindavan, or any other holy dham”. In order to enliven these words of Srila Prabhupada, his disciples and followers have, and are, constructing many temples in various parts of the world. The prime objective to construct these temples is to spread the divine message of Lord Sri Chaitanya to one and all, and also to provide the longing eyes of the devotees with beautiful darshan of the Lord. Not only the longing eyes of the devotees are satisfied here, but it also quenches the never ending thirst the Lord’s devotees have for his service, as these temples provide a platform to perform numerous personal services to the Lord himself and his devotees.

Even though Krishna is the reason behind the movement of even a blade of grass and for arranging everything happening around us, yet the ‘Bhakt vatsal bhagwan’ chooses to work through his devotees. Lord Sri Hari chose HH Kratu Maharaj, who always keeps this deep desire in his heart to fulfil each and every desire of Srila Prabhupada, to construct the first ever ISKCON Temple in Aligarh.

Preaching activities in Aligarh were started under the guidance of HH Kratu Maharaj by HG Rasraj Das along with his wife in 2011. Initially, minimal devotees were associated with them but gradually their preaching activities flourished in the course of which they met ‘Dr. Maheshwar Pratap Varshney’.

Dr. Maheshwar Pratap Varshney donated 4 acres land in Harduaganj, Aligarh. He spent his entire life devoted to Srimad Bhagwad Gita. He owns a huge college of 15-20 editions of Bhagwad Gita and also a 25 year old Bhagwad Gita temple. Krishna planted a desire in his heart to spread his teachings far and wide, and Dr. Varshney found ISKCON to be the most worthy institution which would be able to do so.



Currently, ISKCON Aligarh centre is preaching in various parts of Aligarh. Youth preaching is also done Atrauli in various colleges and school.

HH Kratu Das ji Maharaj looks at this project of ‘ISKCON Aligarh-Gita Mandir and Education Centre’ as a base of large scale preaching and for providing better facilities to devotees.  

Know more at www.iskconaligarh.com



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