When a person with his/her full heart, desires to attain Krishna, then Krishna bestows His mercy upon him in the form of ‘Guru’.

So, a Spiritual Master is a living entity’s most heartfelt desire. It happens when an entity actually comes to the position of ‘trinad api sunichena’, when he realises that I am more lowly than a straw in the street, and I need someone to take my boat across, ‘plavam sukalpam guru karna dharan’, then only the motive of this rare human form of life is fulfilled.


This year 65 such desirous devotees took initiation from HH Kratu Maharaj including one devotee who took her second Brahminical initiation. This auspicious event was held in the most Holy Dham Sri Vrindavan in the presence of Sri Sri Radha Shyamsunder, Krishna Balram and Lord Sri Chaitanya Nitai.


The event started unfolding a day before where HH Kratu Maharaj organised the first Braj tour of IYF-C2C and all the opportune initiates also collected the mercy. Everyone visited the Six prominent Goswami temples of Vrindavan along with Mansarover. The evening was almost like a celebration at HH Kratu Maharaj’s ashram where devotees thronged from all the parts to witness the occasion. It was very warm to see some devotees making garlands in one corner, some cooking prasadam for the devotees, some serving HH Kratu Maharaj and some peforming kirtan and dancing in ecstasy.


The following day, which happened to be the biggest day of many of the devotees lives started their day by attending Mangla Arati in ISKCON SriSri Krishna Balaram Temple followed by an elaborate three hour long seminar on ISKCON’s philosophy sharing on the to-be initiates. It was a very interactive session with attractive presentations and constant Questions Answers by HH Kratu Maharaj.


Finally, the initiates were taken to the temple to sit in front of the Holy Fire and take their ultimate and eternal vows. These vows primarily comprised of Srila Prabhupada’s benedictions in the form of the four regulative principles.

Scriptures tell us that at the time of the yagya of initiation, all the previous karmas of initiates, good or bad, become void. Hence, each soul takes a new birth. And Spiritual Master bestows His mercy upon these young souls and gives them new Spiritual names and a new way to lead their lives altogether. Not only is the soul null of any Karmas and is a new born, this new born also gets associated to the new family of Krishna, the Brahma-Gaudiya Vaishnava Sampradaya.

The grand event wrapped up with a grand feast in the Krishna hall of the temple.

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