It is very important. You also say that “you’re what you eat”, so if you eat chicken legs then your body will become of chicken and cells of your body will become of chicken legs, yellow meat, red meat, most of the time rotten meat. They rot meat in order to make it tasty so it is very important. Your body is made up of what you eat, very simple. So, there are certain food in mode of total goodness, pure goodness which is called prasada, vegeterian meal offered to God, Krishna and that is on transcendental level, that food. You’re what you eat, if you eat good food, pure food then your body will become of pure food. If you eat food in mode of ignorance, meat, fish, eggs etc it is very very bad because it will bring you unlimited karma, unlimited reaction to the sinful activity so that food is very bad. It is not natural food for human consumption.

Just like if I ask you to bite a chicken and eat it rightaway without cooking, just bite it and then I tell you to digest it and take it out of your intestine in 4-6 hours time, you cannot do it. Why? Because, it is not natural food for you but for tiger, it is natural, bite chicken, eat it rightaway, take it out in 4 hours. In our system the meat will remain in intestine for 24 hours and it will rot more and then at the end it will create disease in your body, it will create disease because it is not natural. They say that every 7 years every cell of your body becomes new, old cells they are dead and 7 years after that every cell of your body changes. So, if you eat horrible, nasty meat then your body will become like that, your intelligence, your mentality, your thinking, your mind will take up that quality of what you eat. Suppose, I give you $1 million worth of car, you’re very attached to the car, it is very dear to you. So, would you like to put kerosene fuel? You would like to put topmost, unleaded, 100% octane, 99% octane, very beautiful fuel in it. So, we are putting fuel in our body, food and anything that is most dear to you then that’s your body, not your wife, not your husband, not your children, not your house, money. The first, most dear thing to you is your body. People spend millions of dollars to transplant heart, transplant liver, to transplant kidney because body is very dear to them. This body which is very dear to me? Should I put garbage into it, make it a graveyard? People put garbage. So, you don’t want junk in your dearmost body, body is very dear to you so you want to give right, nice food rather than junk.