It is very easy to find this out. There are millions of ways. Every single living entity has one to one relationship with Krishna and in that one to one relationship you can serve him. A famous example we have is Hanuman. He went to Lanka and Ravana put fire to his tail so hanuman said, “My tail is burning anyway so why not engage in Lord Ramchandra’s service and burn whole Lanka.” So, with the tail he burnt whole lanka on fire so, it’s called burning tail. So, everybody has got a burning tail, everybody likes to do something according to his nature, according to his own constitution, according to his consciousness, aptitude, attitude, liking so everybody knows what I like and with that liking you serve Krishna. Every living entity has different set of circumstances and association of modes. Ofcourse, no association of modes and service can be perfect but in beginning whatever is our burning tail or whatever is our propensity, with that we should serve him. Somebody likes singing, somebody likes cooking, somebody likes worshipping, somebody likes chanting, distributing books, millions-zillions ways. Whatever your propensity is, you develop that propensity and with that propensity you serve Krishna. Every propensity can be dovetailed in Krishna’s service except one that is envy because in spiritual world envy does not exist. So that propensity we cannot dovetail, all other propensities we can dovetail in Krishna’s service. Whatever is our attitude, I mean right attitude not wrong attitude lIke- I’ll butcher billions-zillions of cows and dovetail in Krishna consciousness, not ghastly, sinful activities but we have some capacity, no harm, something that I like to do, something that if I do, it will bring me to transcendental, blissful platform. So, that we have to and with that we have to serve Krishna. So, how can we know? Scrutinize your heart, your heart will tell, how I would like to serve Krishna, your heart will tell you how I should serve Krishna and with all your heart, all your mind serve Krishna, simple, burning tail. Hanuman’s tail was burning, I’ve this propensity so use I should use it in Krishna’s service, like that.