How to stay in Krishna Consciousness while preaching to non-devotees.

To stay in Krishna Consciousness while preaching to non-devotees, it is important that you carefully give them association and not get their association

So, how to stay in Krishna Consciousness to preach to them?

Srila Prabhupada says that it’s like catching a fish, without getting wet. We have to give them association not Krishna Consciousness, without getting influenced by them. Now that is a technique, you have to become strong and if you are strong in Krishna Consciousness, then you become contagious. If you are pure and Krishna Conscious, then your आचरण will do प्रचार. So प्रचार, विचार and आचार go together.
विचार is our consciousness, it should be Krishna Consciousness and आचार means whatever we practice – it should be strong Krishna Consciousness, then automatically preaching will be done. By looking at you, by having your darshan, by being with you, they will feel like asking you questions, they will see that you are successful in your life, being brightly Krishna Conscious. They will want to ask you. आचार is not like “मुख में राम, बगल में छुरी” that is you are speaking nice but in your hand, there is knife. In another words, it can be called ‘Hypocrisy’, such a hypocrite cannot preach. But if you are a genuine devotee, practicing Krishna Consciousness, then they will take it up. This is like Srila Prabhupada, He was so pure and His आचार, His behaviour, His Krishna Conscious practices, everything was so pure. So devotees, they take up. In the beginning Srila Prabhupada was only giving classes for twice a week in 26 Second Avenue, New York, that’s it! But because of His purity, His behaviour, they all take up Krishna Consciousness from Him, Srila Prabhupada became contagious, due to his purity. So you have to catch a fish, without getting wet. We have to preach to them, without getting their contamination. That is the technique one has to learn from Lord Nityananda. Haridas Thakur and He was ordered by Lord Caitanya to preach in Bengal. So Lord Nityananda, He would knock the door and when the household would open the door, He would fall flat at the Lotus feet and then He will say ” My dear Sir, please forget whatever knowledge you have acquired but you just accept the divine Lotus feet of Lord Caitanya and His teachings, please chant Hare Krishna Mahamantra ” and He would make them chant the Holy Name. Lord Nityananda and Haridas Thakur even tried to give Hare Krishna Mantra to Jagai and Madhai, two drunkards and fowls. And in the end they finally gave it because of their आचरण, their level of Krishna Consciousness was very high. So Jagai and Madhai became devotees. So आचार, विचार, प्रचार, we have to do all these things at one level, then you can preach without getting wet, without getting their nonsense. We can give our idea, our Krishna Consciousness. 99% devotees became devotees by books. And 10% became devotees by prasad and may be another 10% by Harinaam. May be another 10 % by coming to temple and seeing, getting association of the devotees-how nice they are, how much they are concerned about my well-being, how nicely they are greeting me, how nicely they are serving me prasad, how nicely they are talking to me, preaching to me.

So this is how you remain in Krishna Consciousness.

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