Is it possible to choose a spiritual master without him letting know?

Yes, but if you let him know then immediately the process will start, loving relationship between Guru and disciple, blessings, taking care, teaching and preaching, the relationship starts. So, even if he doesn’t know but if you reveal it to him in that way then you will find out that this particular man is around me and he has some interest in me. Just like a girlfriend and boyfriend, same kind of a situation. You love some girl but you don’t say to her that I love you but you’re around her, you’re trying to see her every time, so she will find out that this person loves me. So, like that better to let him know then the relationship becomes more enhanced and helps starts, everything starts from that point.

We are afraid that if I go closer and accept him then maybe he will organize me that please chant Hare Krishna, do this and do that but it is also necessary for somebody to push you. It is also necessary and it is a help. Just like a girl loves someone and from a distance she is just watching, feeling great and everything. How many years will it go on? Ultimately, she has to say, “I love you and is it possible that we can engage ourselves and eventually we can get married, get settled up?” and how long time can you keep that relationship? There is no relationship in that anyway. So, one should take shelter. In our ISKCON movement, there is a word called ‘shelter’, taking the shelter of a Guru means starting that process that I would like to take spiritual help from you, that is what shelter means. If you want to keep a distance that is fine, but how long will you keep distance?

If you love someone that love will manifest by itself anyway, you cannot hide so, you have to love your spiritual master and spiritual master will love you.