Cause of Devotion to Krishna

In all the scriptures, it is very empathetically stated that the cause of Bhakti is to contact a devotee of Lord Sri Krishna, one who has devotion to Krsna. So, somehow or another a living entity comes in contact with or in association with devotees of Lord Sri Krishna, then out of the mercy of the devotees, he can get the seed of devotion in his heart.

Brahmaand Brahmite Kaun Bhagyewaan Jeev, Guru Krsna Prasaade paaye bhakti lata Beej.

‘ Brahmaand Brahmite Kaun Bhagyewaan Jeev’, Bhagyevaan means if somebody has acquired some piety and due to that piety, he can come in contact with Lord’s devotees, that bhagya one has to create by engaging oneself in mode of goodness or in piety, that is the cause of devotional service to Krishna. Kaun Bhagyevaan Jeev, that fortune can also be created by unknowingly engaging in Krishna’s service, devotional service because ultimately cause of bhakti is bhakti itself.

Bhaktya sanjaayate bhaktya, devotional service to Krishna is able to give us devotional service to Krsna, that is brahmaand brahmite kaun bhagyevaan jeev. So Guru is sadhu, vaisanava , so one can come in contact with a saintly person, that starts his devotional service to Sri Krishna.

bhramite bhramite yadi sādhu-vaidya pāya

tāṅra upadeśa-mantre piśācī palāya

kṛṣṇa-bhakti pāya,

tabe kṛṣṇa-nikaṭa yāya

tate Krsna bhaje

 kare guru sevan

 maya jaal jute paaye

 tabe krsner charan.

After wandering through the universe in a bewildered condition, if the spirit soul can find a saintly person then through such a person’s instructions,  which act as a powerful spell for the witch called maya, illusionary energy of Krishna can overcome and maya is forced to run away from his life. So, the most fortunate living entity then finds pure devotion to Krishna and he can override maya and then he can worship Krishna. While continuing to serve Guru and Krishna, as a result he is freed from the illusionary energy of the Lord and attains Krishna’s lotus feet. So,

Kaun bhayevaan kaaro sansaar shyan mukh hoye

sadhu sange tabe Krsna rati upjaaye.

 When by some good fortune, a living entity comes in contact with sadhu then he disentangles himself from maya and he attains Krishna’s devotional service. He gets Sadhu Sanga and then, Krishna rati upjaaye, then he attains devotional service to Krsna.

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