Yadukula Kirtan Mela – Shahdara

Yadukula Kirtan Mela – Shahdara

Just like the spiritual master awakens the dormant love in the hearts of the devotees, similarly, He awakens the love for Krishna in their living by installing life into deities.

Another such life changing event occurred on the 26th January’18 where Sri Sri Nitai- Nadia Vihari were welcomed into hearts and lives of many, by the mercy of Srila Gurudev

Yadukula under the guidance of HH Kratu Das ji Maharaj got the oportunity to¬† perform the all auspicious continuous 9 hour Harinaam Kirtan for the welcome and the pleasure of the Lord’s. The preparations started weeks ago where all volunteers enthusiastically came together to welcome their lordships in the most magnificient and spectacular way. All devotees got to witness the most beautiful abhishek of Sri Sri Nitai Nadia Vihari, along with the blissful chanting and hyms of “Govindam adi purusam”. Devotees were served with sumptuous prasadam for the whole day, as the kirtan hall kept receiving more and more participants for inviting Sri Harinaam Prabhu with their melodious and soulful kirtanas

The day ended with lots and lots of dancing, where Srila Gurudev himself brought all devotees together to dance for the pleasure of the lord.

Sri Sri Nitai-Nadia Vihari ki jai!

Yuga dharma harinaam kirtan ki jai!

Shri Jagannath Rath Yatra – 2018

Shri Jagannath Rath Yatra – 2018

When the pangs of loving separation touch it’s crest, even the Lord of the Universe become a puppet in the hands of His lovers. Becoming blind to all the impediments, He walks. Walks with such majesty and reverence, that the world comes out on the streets to become an attestant to such amorous exchanges.

This Lord of the Universe, Sri Jagannath becomes the cause and means to deliver all of these attendants who sing and dance in His glory.

This is the Maha Jagannath Rath Yatra.

By the auspicious blessings and presence of HH Kratu Maharaj, the yearly Rath Yatra was organised in Ashok Vihar on 14th January’18. With over a 500 people participating in the Yatra by various means, this day gave celestial bliss to all who became a part of it and even the one who got an opportunity to be an onlooker. The Yatra commenced with some ambrosial words from the lotus mouth of HH Kratu Maharaj in the glory of Sri Rath Yatra, making all the dancing and singing more meaningful. Continuous Harinaam Kirtan and dancing embellished the Mahotsava. The Yatra terminated with some more euphoric kirtana, Jagannath ashtakam and bhajans by HG Deenanayak prabhu.

Illimitable Prasadam maintained Sri Jagannath-Sri Baldev and Subhadra Maharani’s image of being the all-provider.

All glories to the most loving Lord!

All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

Tarang Festival

IYF C2C organised its first ever only Boys festival ‘TARANG’.
In an anticipation to have deep association of each other, IYF C2C organised its only boys festival Tarang. This festival saw a confluence of large number of new enthusiasts along with the experienced devotees. Not only was it a different experience for these new boys who were eagerly looking forward for some spiritual healing but also gave a new taste to the existent devotees.
IYF C2C was honored with the presence of HG Patri Prabhu from ISKCON Nepal, who is an ardent preacher and inspirer of Krishna consciousness. He shared with everyone the ‘Password of Happiness’ through interactive seminars and served everyone with some food for thought. The festival was ornamented with an exceptional mime play which gave way to yet another series of take away questions for all. The festival finished with extremely stunning performance by our Rock band and some delicious prasadam.

Disha Festival – 2016

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It was a festival in the true sense! Very many beautiful colours, dance performances, dramas, music, food and absolutely unlimited bliss. IYF C2C’s first only girls Festival- Disha’16 was a complete success because of the beautiful smiling faces its welcomed. Girls independent from the rest of the world but lovingly dependent on each other, put across a beautiful show. There were ecstatic kirtans, classical dance performances, a hilarious drama on the topic ‘Why do Bad things happen to good people’. A presentation on ‘The password to happiness’ made many Young minds think. It was followed by a flash mob and a pantomime show called ‘Me and my mind’. Lastly, the festival impressioned the audience with its rock show and a beautiful Vedic Fashion show where Young vaishnavis showcased beautiful traditional outfits.
The festival wrapped up with a huge gathering of girls at their favourite counter of ‘Gol gappa’s’ along with other delicious items of prasadam.
All glories to the young Vaishnavis!