All yoga culminates in Bhakti yoga. In other words, the goal of all yoga is to bring us to the point of Bhakti yoga, very simple. So in order to execute Bhakti yoga, it is stated that “yada vineyetam chitam”, ‘chitam’ the mind and ‘vineyetam’, particularly discipline. So one has to discipline his mind, what is the discipline of mind? That one has to fix his mind with strong determination that all I want to do in this life is to engage my whole existence, in other words, external senses and internal senses into the service of the Lord. So for that we have to be’ vineyetam’, become disciplined. Discipline means we should rise early morning, we should chant our rounds early morning, serve the deity early morning and throughout the day, round the clock, we should discipline ourselves. The whole idea of yoga is to discipline mind, senses and ultimately the mind must go into ‘samadhi’ which means mind must concentrate on name, form, past time , qualities, abode of Krishna. This is the yoga. So yoga can be performed very easily if we engage our propensity in serving the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

We have our likes and dislikes, so whatever way we like, we should engage that liking into service of Krishna, very simple. As for example, if we like to eat, then we should cook for the Lord, we should offer it to Lord and then honour ourselves. If we like to dance, we should dance. If we like to sing, we should sing ‘Hare Krishna mantra ‘and songs left behind by so many acharyas. So many songs – Saranagati, prarthna, chandrika and so many books of songs, we can sing. And if we like to meditate, then we should meditate on the lotus feet of Lord. If we like to talk, we like to speak, then we should speak about Krishna, about His devotees, about His qualities, about His abode, dham. We should clean our temple every day, we should keep aside certain time for cleaning, mopping and sweeping the temple, not just floor, but walls, pots, sinks, bathrooms,  altar, overall clean up can be organised, with the congregational devotees also.

We can engage our ears for hearing the transcendental past times, katha, not only about Krishna but His devotees katha also. Like Srila  Prabhupada Lilamrit, so many devotees like that. We can hear about Krishna and such devotees. We should engage our eyes in beholding and having audience and having Darshan of beautiful form of deity. We should behold the beautiful form of the Lord in the temple through our eyes that is perfection of eyes. Gopis said this is ‘,नेत्रोत्स ‘. उत्सव, celebration, celebration of  नेत्र, celebration for eyes. So eyes are celebrating with what? Having audience of Krishna and relishing, tasting, becoming absorbed in beholding the transcendental form and beauty of Krishna and His devotees.