It is very very very difficult. I would advice you to chant Hare Krishna mantra even without your mind. Arjuna says
vayor iva su-duskaram
Krishna says can you control the wind? Wind is blowing, hurricane, tornado? Can you control Tornado?
vayor iva su-duskaram
It is more difficult to control mind than this tornado and hurricane. Our process is not to control, let it do whatever it wants to do. We will do what we want to do and let him do what he wants to do and slowly and gradually mind will understand that let me accompany him. He is going to the temple and I want to go to the movie. Okay, I won’t go to the movie, so you go temple and mind you go to movie, I don’t care and you go the temple.
Many many ways you can control the mind but it’s not worth it. You take cold cold shower in January in your apartment and mind will be immediately under your control. Can you do that? In scorching heat, can you put fire around you and sit down in the middle? Mind will be controlled. Don’t try to control mind, try to chant Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare.
Agyaanaat bhava gyaana
uttam sloka naam yat
sankirtan madam pumso
deho dehinaam yasha analah
If you chant the holy name, holy name will do good to you.
Agyaanaat bhava gyaana
Unknowingly you chant the holy name, still it will do good to you Ajamila unknowingly chanted the holy name of Krishna, Narayana and immediately Narayan duta came. So mind has no function in devotion, yes, it has if you put your mind in devotion it is best.
man-mana bhava mad-bhakto
But don’t try, it will come. Like, I used to control my mind but not anymore and mind doesn’t go anywhere. If I want to focus on holyname, it is there. If I want to focus on someone it is there. It has become my friend. So mind will become your friend.
bandhur ātmātmanas tasya
yenātmaivātmanā jitaḥ
Just discard, just don’t give any importance to the mind.