How can we best serve other devotees?

It is very easy if you want to serve. First of all, you want to serve, that’s the idea and if you’re fixed that I want to serve then sincerity and seriousness to serve, you should be dead serious, “I want to serve devotees,” dead serious, sincerity and seriousness and then Srila Rupa Goswami Prabhupada says that there are 6 ways you can serve devotees:

dadati pratigrihnati
guhyam akhyati pricchati
bhunkte bhojayate caiva
shad-vidham priti-lakshanam.
That if one devotee wants to show his love to other devotees, love and service, they are interconnected with each other, love and service. If you serve then love will be there, if you don’t serve then love will not be there so there are 6 kinds of loving exchanges in services. What are those?
Dadati- We should give gift in charity to other devotees. Dadati pratigrihnati- that whatever gift they give we should accept. Dadati pratigrihnati guhyam akhyati pricchati and whenever devotees reveal their mind to you, you must hear that very carefully and you must inspire them to talk about what he is trying to tell you from within his heart, he is revealing his heart to you. You should inspire him to hear from him, to talk, you should inspire him to talk out his heart, so guhyam akhyati pricchati, we should inquire, “Prabhuji, How would you like to have dinner today? or Prabhuji can I do some sewa, can I do your laundry? Or can I cook for you?” Whatever service, can I do some service for you. What service can I do for you, we should ask devotees and then they can tell, what they would like and that is the most favourable devotional service. According to their desire we can serve them, so pricchati.

Bhunkte bhojayate- We can cook for them nice, palatable Prasad and then while they eat we can fan them, offer them, glorify them, how is this prasad made or whatever, many things. Bhunkte bhojayate, giving Prasad and taking Prasad that they offer to us so this is how. Especially, we should ask, “Prabhuji, How can I serve you?” Even the materialists, they also ask each other, “Can I help you? May I help you? May I serve you?” So, like that we can ask devotees also.