Accidental fall down means that you’re yourself somewhere, out there doing sankirtan or whatever activity you’re doing and you get attracted to drink say, coca cola and somebody offers you and you say, “Okay, I’m all by myself and here is a person and I see Krishna through this person who is bringing me coca cola, so I cannot drink but let me, it’s just a little thing not much so let me drink.” So, it is an accidental fall down. But, not knowingly you can fall down that let me have gross sense gratification, illicit sex, gambling, meat eating, intoxication. Once you may have an accidental fall down but second time we do the same then that  is not accidental, that means Krishna will or Maya will punish you, it will devour you and it will spank you left and right for long time and you will not know where I was and where I’m, you will be finished. So, accidental fall down means sometime we are uncontrolled and we blaspheme some devotee or become so much disturbed, angry and slap some devotee, that’s a big fall down but accidentally one time is accident, second time it is not accident. You see a beautiful, beautiful form of a woman, very attractive lady and then you just turn your face doing some other activity and second time you look at her that is definitely fall down because that will make you attach to the beautiful lady, ‘dhyayato vishayaan pumsaah’. So, accidental fall down means one time not repeated and that one time also it has to be really accidental.

If you become jealous of some devotee, it is a big big fall down not accidental or small, very big. Krishna will never forgive you, that’s a big fall down and for that fall down Krishna will not forgive you because just like you’re a mother and have a  small child and I offend your child by abusing words or slapping him and I say this is accidental fall down mother, please, excuse me, pardon me. Would she pardon me? Impossible, that is ‘Bhaktavatsala Krishna’. Krishna, whom the devotees are most dear, Krishna loves His devotees more than himself and you’re offending a devotee, he will never pardon that so this we cannot say it is accidental, it cannot be counted in accidental fall down, we should be very very careful because that will destroy our devotion to Krishna, it will destroy our relationship to Krishna and devotees. So, we have to be very careful.